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A survey was undertaken in November 2021 to capture feedback from those in Surrey with experience of mental health problems (either direct or indirect e.g. as a carer, family member, friend), about any stigma or discrimination they may have faced, or may face.  

The results are published here.  

Once all of our community partners have been able to review the results we will communicating a plan in the new year with next steps.

Mental health in a pandemic

Young People

The Mental Health Foundation has been undertaking a running survey to determine the pandemic impact.

A snapshot from their Covid 19 Adolescent Study includes the following: 

  • More teenagers reported poor mental health in February-March than November- December and August-September. 
  • People aged 18 and 19 reported the highest levels of poor mental health. 
  • Female respondents of all ages reported higher levels of poor mental health than male respondents.
  • Respondents who have a mental health diagnosis reported higher poor mental health.
  • Feelings of anxiety and depression* are also experienced more often and at higher levels in teenagers from lower social grades